Steps To Attain God’s Intervention In Prayers

While thinking about God this morning I began to meditate on His Word and  internalizing it by  faith.I began to appreciate His love for me by intervening on my behalf when I pray to Him especially in times of spiritual battles and troubles.Therefore I want to share this thought with you.I pray that you be blessed by it in Jesus name.Amen.

God desires that we succeed in everything we do in life especially in all our spiritual battles.He said He will grant our heart’s desires when we pray to Him.He created us and He has the ability to give us good success. In Jeremiah 29:11 He spoke His unfailing love towards us by thinking thoughts of good for us and not of evil and to bring us to our expected end,our highest potential in Him. He said He will never leave us nor forsake us when we need Him!

First and foremost God intends and desires to answer our prayers when we call upon Him.We must come to this point of faith in Him before we start praying. When we come to Him we must believe that He will answer our hearts’ cry to Him.[Hebrews 11:6].In doing this we also have our part to play. As we all know prayer is a 2 way street,a communication with God in speaking and listening.After you have spoken you must meditate on God’s Word and “listen” to His answer with your spirit while you position yourself to take steps in divine path and direction.

In order to know our part in divine plan we will discuss the scriptures in 2 Chronicles 20.It gives an account of how King Jehoshaphat and the land of Judah conquered their enemies  in battle through God’s intervention. At that time and even today believers and unbelievers fight life’s battle every day.The outcome of the battle depends largely on who or what you believe.When you are saved God gives you power over your enemies,both physical and spiritual.[John 1:12]Battles can be in form of illness,infirmity, disease,crisis of any form.Believers in Jesus Christ according to Scriptures have been given power to destroy all their spiritual enemies.[Luke 10:19].

In 2 Chronicles 20: 1 it states that the Moabites and Ammonites, accompanied by Meunites, joined forces to make war on King Jehoshaphat.He received this intelligence report: “A huge force is on its way from beyond the Dead Sea to fight you. There’s no time to waste—they’re already at Hazazon Tamar, the oasis of En Gedi.”What you do with any report determines where or how you end up. You might have received evil reports of cancer,do not be dismayed.Follow these steps and trust God to heal you!!

You may have received other reports like any kind of terminal sickness,illness or infirmity,divorce,loss of job,loss of finances,impending foreclosure of your house and so on.

Step 1-Talk to God in prayer

When Jehoshaphat received the report of impending battle against him,even though he was shaken and afraid, the first thing he did was to seek God’s face in the matter.[2 Chronicles 20:3]He sought God’s opinion first not man’s opinion. Many of us get our priorities wrong when battles come against us,we want to talk to people first instead of God first. People don’t have answers to your questions,only God does.So talk to God first!

Ask Him to forgive you of your sins ,forgive others of sins they committed against you and forgive yourself also! Jesus said when you stand praying,forgive![Don’t pretend to forgive,but genuinely forgive because your heart is bare before God and He knows your every thought].This is one of the ways to breakthrough in prayer.[Mark 11:25] and [Matthew 6:14].

Step 2-Fast unto God not unto men

After Jehoshaphat talked to God,He proclaimed a fast in the land of Judah. Fasting brings you closer to God and appropriates His will in your spirit. In this case the king gathered the people and in unity of purpose they cried to God for help.[2 Chronicles 20:3-4]In your cry for help you must be united in one spirit with God’s Holy Spirit and the people you are praying with. Today some prayer groups are not united in spirit when they pray. Each have their own agenda.This is wrong! When you come to pray as a people settle it in your heart that you are united with each other not just in body[holding of hands],but also in spirit and soul! In 2 Chronicles 20:4,The message Bible translates it that the “country of Judah united in seeking God”. Therefore unity is a critical part of prayer and God’s intervention.

Step 3-Be united with God and the people you are praying with

Next,Jehoshaphat positioned himself in faith ,opened his mouth and began to pray to God with all the people in unity of purpose.[2 Chronicles 20:5-11].As he prayed with the people God spoke through Jahaziel the son of Zechariah in their midst and gave them divine direction as to the right direction to take.[2 Chronicles 20:14-19]. God often sends messages through His ordained prophets or even ordinary people to show the right way to go. As you pray you must be sensitive to God’s leadings through people He might send your way. When you receive the instruction go in that direction and you will win your battle.

Step 4-Praise God in songs and dance

2 Chronicles 20:21-23 states the final step in what to do when all else fails. Praise brings God into the battle and it is a way of handing over the battle to God. It may sound foolish,but this is what to do!When you receive God’s direction,follow through in that direction.You cannot look to your right or left or back,focus your direction on the instruction.In 2 Chronicles 20:20-31 states how King Jehoshaphat followed divine direction and became victorious in battle.The battles of life are always present but when you follow God’s instructions you will be the victor rather than the victim. God will give you rest and quiet round about as you pay attention to His Word and follow through on divine instructions. You are a winner,don’t remain a weakling!Shalom.

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