Matthew 6:33-The Believer’s Secret To God’s Blessings On The Earth!

 Seek First The Kingdom Of God!

God desires that we seek Him FIRST in Love in all things in order that He may take us to the highest of our potential in Him. Matthew 6:33 [KJV]. He does not want us to “use” Him to get our wants met,rather He wants us to love Him genuinely to create a pathway for our divine blessings to flow!

Matthew 6:32-33 states”[For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:]for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

To be truly blessed in God’s Kingdom is not in God give me this or God give me that. It is in genuinely seeking His Kingdom FIRST and His righteousness with love and humility of heart! God is faithful to His Word when we are faithful to Him. He is not a partial God but a Loving Righteous Judge. My Father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo always teach that “God is not a user of men but a blesser of men”! God desires to bless us at all times therefore,seeking Him first and His Kingdom is a trigger for true covenant blessings on the earth. When we genuinely seek Him first with true Agape Love and joyfulness of heart without “eye service” but “genuine heart seated service” we will truly be blessed in life! This is the secret to all time blessings for the believer in Christ!

I have truly experienced Matthew 6:33 in my life! When I received light from this scripture  it catapulted me back into God’s Kingdom when the enemy tried to pull me back into a world of sin.I had given my life to Jesus Christ on March 13th 1994.Within that same year the enemy attempted several times to pull me back into the pit of destruction.BUT one day within that year as I was studying my Bible I came across Matthew 6:33 and the Holy Spirit illuminated my spirit with Light and I was eternally restored back in the faith! This helped me to continue to seek God FIRST and all I needed was given to me.

Ironically this is the same scripture that Bishop David Oyedepo always referred to as one that changed His Christian life forever! I believe him because I had the same spiritual experience in Matthew 6:33.What a God of wonders! What He does for one He will mercifully do for another! Ever since I got back on track with God through Matthew 6:33,I have remained in the faith by God’s grace.

The enemy may have come at me like a flood but the Spirit of the Lord always lifted up a standard against him on my behalf. I have received strength to seek God’s Kingdom FIRST as a believer in Jesus Christ no matter what and everything else that I needed [according to His Will]  has been given to me!

We must come to a point of peace with God, trust Him and co-operate with Him to give us His best and not what we want because what we want may not be God’s best for us. Our divine blessings always dwell in God’s best for us.

Friends,it is time to stop using God or asking or begging Him for things or wants! Instead we should ask Him to fill our hearts with grace to seek His Kingdom FIRST and everything else we need will be given to us.

Next time you feel like asking God for things,STOP! Instead seek His Kingdom first by asking yourself these questions:

1.Am I seeking God’s Kingdom FIRST and His righteousness with this request?

2.Does this request fall in line with God’s perfect will and His best for me?

3.Does this request glorify God and His Kingdom?

4.Do I really love God in this request or I just want to use Him to get what I want?

Ways To Seek God’s Kingdom And His Righteousness:

1.Seek to see souls saved and brought into His Kingdom[into your own local church].

2.Seek to see the souls established in your own local church.

3.Pray for God’s Kingdom and His Disciples in your local church and all over the world.

4.Be committed to God’s Kingdom work as led by His Holy Spirit in you and through divine instructions by His Anointed vessels.

5.Use your talent and gift to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ as led by God’s Holy Spirit in true Love,Meekness and Humility of purpose.

6.Be obedient to God in fulfilling every divine assignment as given to you per time.

7.Love everyone no matter what!

Dear friend,I pray that you will also receive light from God in Matthew 6:33 in Jesus name.Whatever you desire in life,SEEK GOD’S KINGDOM FIRST AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HE WILL GRANT YOU ALL YOUR DESIRES AND NEEDS!

Believe God my friends.Matthew 6:33 really works!

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