The Joy Of The Lord Transmits Strength


  • Joy is a fruit of the Spirit of God

Joy is the 2nd listed fruit of the Spirit in [Galatians 5:22].It is required for virtually every spiritual exploit a believer accomplishes in the kingdom of God.Scripture declares in [Romans 14:17] that God’s Kingdom is established in righteousness,peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Joy is manifested as a state of pleasure,gladness,delight or rejoicing.When a believer lacks joy in God’s Kingdom something is wrong. He must retrace his steps until he experiences joy in the Holy Ghost.

The Joy of the LORD is a spiritual force and not a mental “feeling” or outward appearance but it manifests in physical actions of praises/worship to God, dancing to God,praying in an heavenly language,flowing in spiritual gifts and so on.In other words joy is birth in your spirit not in your mind or body.It is stronger than your feelings and enhances your Kingdom life style to give you strength for exploits in God’s Kingdom on this earth.

The joy of the Lord only comes through God’s Holy Spirit through His Word.[Ecclesiastes 9:7]states that you should eat your bread[God’s Word] with joy and drink your wine[God’s Word] with a merry[joyful] heart for this is God’s desire for you.

Why you need Joy as a Christian

  • Joy is required to draw from God’s Word

Joy is like a “bucket”, canister, container or pail required to draw from God’s Word.[Isaiah 12:3].Without joy you are powerless to draw.Just imagine you at a well full of water,you have the rope  but you do not have a bucket!No matter how many prayers you pray you will not be able to draw from the well until you have a bucket in your hands!This is the same way Christians attempt to draw from the wells of salvation[God’s Word] without joy in their hearts.If you must draw from God’s Word,you must be joyful in your heart.This is why you must ask the Holy Spirit to fill your heart with joy before you begin to read study or meditate on God’s Word.

  • Joy imparts spiritual strength on the believer

When you feel dull and lifeless in your spirit you must call on God’s Holy Spirit to quicken and rejuvenate you with joy from heaven to impart strength to your spirit. Scripture states in[Nehemiah 8:10]that the joy of the LORD is your strength.This sort of strength is a divine spiritual strength rooted in God’s Word and Holy Spirit[Ephesians 3:16] not in your own physical mental or emotional ability.

Joy transmits revelation and illumination from God’s Word

Spiritual strength grants the ability to receive revelation,illumination and enlightenment into God’s Word[God’s mind and God’s perfect plan] for your life.Revelation means an “uncovering” or “unveiling” of hidden things in scriptures. It takes the joy of the LORD to search them out.[Isaiah 12:3] Illumination sheds light on dark hidden secrets of your life that the enemy has hidden from you by shining God’s light on them so that your blessings can be restored.Revelation and illumination brings light to dark paths and shows you the best  way to go in life’s decisions.[Psalm 119:105].

Since God’s light is the only way to dominate darkness,the arrival of light will always end darkness every time.Therefore a Christian is empowered to dominate darkness around him [sin,satan,the world,himself and so on]with revelation and illumination from God’s Word through the Spirit of Joy by God’s Holy Spirit.Consequently when you walk in the realm of light[God’s Word and Holy Spirit] you will be empowered to resist the enemy[your spiritual enemy satan and his demons,and your physical enemies] in every area of your life!

Joy imparts rejoicing,refreshing and quickening of spirit

True joy of the heart is always accompanied by rejoicing which actually means “to be full of joy”. Rejoicing is a feeling of happiness,gladness, merriment, delight, triumph, victory and such like.Rejoicing imparts a refreshing  and quickening of spirit that boosts your faith in God. This brings strength to your body soul and spirit.[Romans 8:11].

  • Joy transmits healing of body soul and spirit

If you desire to be healed and remain healed,stay joyful.Many sicknesses and diseases have entered into people’s lives as a result of bitterness, rancor, unforgiveness anger, strife and other works of the flesh.[Galatians 5:19-21].These are not mere names given to the works of the flesh but they are demonic spirits assigned to delay or cut short the blessings of believers. The works of the flesh have nothing to offer a believer but disgrace,disappointment and separation from God.Stay away from them!

Scripture states in [Proverbs 17:22]that a merry heart does good[cures,heals] like medicine but a broken down spirit[ full of dark thoughts like strife, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride,and such like ] dries the bones and attracts serious sickness or disease like cancer.Strife is a killer of destinies amongst Christians in our churches today.Do not allow it to lodge in your spirit because it’s mission is to bring confusion and  destruction.[James 3:16].Get it out quickly,do what you have to do  and be healed in spirit soul and body.

As you read this post may your whole life be saturated with the joy of the Lord.May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.[Romans 15:13].May you be illuminated and refreshed and all your prayers answered  in Jesus precious name.Amen!

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