Shiloh 2014

 “SHILOH” is a prophetic word feast.Everybody’s encounter comes principally by the Word.So set yourself for a word in season that holds the answer to your questions”-Bishop David Oyedepo.Get ready for Shiloh 2014 Dec. 9-13th! Your life is about to change to the next level of heaven on earth!


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6 thoughts on “Shiloh 2014

  1. Phunmmie

    Thanks fr all d shiloh testimonies on youtube, pls I was looking fr A Testimony of A lady dt said she broke up several relationships as directed by God and someone she didnt know callled her frm d US and dey r married…could find it there…I think it was 2 nd day.Thanks

    • Nene Susan Ekuvero

      Not sure which day but this is a link to one of my videos on youtube,but i will continue to look for that particular one and upload for you. God bless!

  2. Jeffrey Nsofor

    I just wanted to say God bless you for being a vessel through which God uses to reach out to the world via sermons. May the Almighty God strengthen and bless you.

    • Nene Susan Ekuvero

      Thanks and God bless!

    • Nene Susan Ekuvero

      sorry for replying late.but thank you so much for your prayers and mayGod bless you richly!Amen!

    • thank you sir!

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